Expertises Estimate

Our agency proposes you real estate expertises realized by a recognized and confirmed expert. we realize a sharp analysis and a real work of investigation to define the venal value of your property. an expertise takes place in 5 steps:

  • Signature of the expertise contract
  • Visit of the property
  • Study of the documents and elements of the property
  • Market analysis and comparison
  • Delivery of the expert report

We carry out expertises for different cases:

  • Sale or purchase
  • Donations or inheritance
  • Divorce or proceedings
  • Loan application / bridging loan

Our agency proposes you estimates in market value which consist in proceeding to an analysis and a comparison of market in order to determine the exact value of your good.
It is an essential stage before the setting in sale or the setting in rent of your good because it makes it possible to have a right value and a setting in sale in phase with the current market.
A good estimate makes it possible to carry out a transaction more quickly and at the best price.
Within the framework of a setting in sale within our agency, the estimation is offered to you.

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